Sinoguards provide full range of maritime security services for vessels during their transits through Indian Ocean, Gulf of Guinea and any other risky waters. We supply armed and unarmed guards onboard in the most efficient manner to avoid any delays and deviations. Company has 17 operation points, including permanents bases in Port Klang, Galle, Suez, Fujairah, South Africa and Red Sea.

Till now company successfully fulfill thousands of transits and serviced hundreds of vessels under different flags. Our teams are professional and well-trained. We created our own training program on the basis and recommendations of BMP4.

Historically Sinoguards has recruited Europe and Asia ex-military however at the requests of certain clients we have recently recruited ex-service

personnel from outside the UK and China (Ukraine and Nepal). Among Ukrainian and Nepalese guards we hire only those who, besides military experience, already have confirmed positive experience and solid number of voyages with Europe based security companies.

Due to existing line-up we are able to service any vessels with our best effort.

Our Services

  • Complete Anti-piracy solutions
  • Assessments & Voyage Risk Analysis
  • Consultancy & Crew Training
  • Port & Facility Protection
  • Optional team composition
  • 17 dis/embarkation (operation) points
  • More than 10 legal weapon storages
  • Always available teams in permanent locations
    (Suez, Galle, Fujairah, Red Sea)

At Vessel

  • Continuous watch 24/7
  • Onboard personnel training
  • Elaboration and implementation of security plan (inc. communication and reaction) for specific vessel
  • Vessel fortification and lock down
  • React in accordance with the counter piracy plan.
  • 24 hour operations support

Compliance & Responsibility

All operations provided strictly in compliance with the International Maritime Organization’s International Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS) Code and any subsequent amendments to the code. Sinoguards Marine Security Limited is founding member of the International Code of Conduct for Private Security Service Provider’s Association (ICOCA), meets all requirements of the Baltic and International Maritime Council’s GUARDCON standart contract for the employment of security guards on vessel.

Sinoguards Marine Security Limited is insured by Lloyd’s and has 5 mln. USD public liability insurance cover and 5 mln. USD for personal accident indemnity.