Sinoguards Security office located in Basra near Mnawi Basha hotel. Sinoguards Security provides full range of security services as well as provide complete solutions for protecting your business inside Iraq.

Close protection

We provide high quality close protection services while your travel throughout Iraq. Our teams are well trained, dully certified and have a huge experience around world. We will select the most proper scheme for your exact request.

Mobile Security

Sinoguards Security owns varied fleet of armored (level B6) vehicles, all necessary communication and supportive equipment, employs high level

specialists to build a mobile security groups which together with experienced risk assessment and management team will establish the best solution for any mission:

  • Personal Security Detachment
  • Quick Reaction Force
  • Convoy
  • Escort

We are able to draw up the best security plan for your specific and unordinary request.

Static Security

Sinoguards Security provides armed guards, uniformed and fully equipped for your site under supervision of Project Management team with significant experience in security of premises in hostile environment. We able to supply regularly trained local nationality gate/checkpoint guards, K9 guards, watchtower and mobile patrol guards.

Expat supervision and management team with a perfect record of fulfilled contracts. All our guards are mandatory to pass regular training to be prepared to respond any threats in distressed zone Sinoguards Security able to provide static security for oil & gas sector, infrastructure, diplomatic and development sectors.

Security Consultancy/Project Management

Highly professional, certified team will develop security plan, risk assessment plan, provide updated intelligence information for current region and help to establish security from the planning stage of your project. Sinoguards Security will provide full support for your business inside of Iraq.