Aviation Security

Entering and leaving of hostile environment is starting and ending key points in ensuring security and safety for the entire region.

Sinoguards as experienced security provider is able to ensure airport and aviation facilities security in hostile environments. With its international background of protective services against terrorism and overall security, Sinoguards developed well-tailored protection schemes which can be adjusted and used according to requirements of specific location and country.

  • Site safety and security;
  • Access Control, both external/internal and service entry.
  • Technology capable, CCTV, Communications, Alarms systems, ex-ray systems.
  • High Risk Area experience utilizing EOD teams, sniffer dogs, man guarding contracts, staff and public screening and oversight.
  • Quick reaction force and counter terrorism teams, PSD teams for VIP's and senior non indigenous management.
  • Airport Intelligence coordination team
  • Admin and supportive services.
  • Management and liaison.